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Shout-out to our amazing volunteers and donors who help keep this site running for the greater good of the DC Area Weimaraner Rescue!

E-Commerce Team

Karin Bakken

Karin runs the DC Area Weimaraner Rescue and has been doing so for a number of successful years. It is because of Karin and her team of Weimaraner peeps that the lives of many dogs have been saved, and rehomed. 


Karin's love, dedication, and superb leadership is the reason why hundreds of Weimaraners and Weimaraner mixes have been re-homed to many loving families. Regardless of what is going on in her life, Karin will always stop what she is doing to rescue a dog and bring him/her the safety of the Weim World Sanctuary. 


Karin is also mom to the famous Buddy who is a water champion and Mr. Oliver, who is notorious for being the ring leader of stealing forks and other items at Weim World. 

Mother Weim

Elyse & Robert Dietrich

Elyse and Bobby were introduced to the Weimaraner community when they adopted their first Weim, Frank. Frank is without a doubt the love of their lives and their continuing inspiration for volunteering with the rescue. 

Elyse and Bobby are also part of the E-Commerce team as they help with the social media, management of the site, photography,  videography, and do whatever else they can to increase sales for the rescue. 


Wherever the couple went, Frank was right by their side. Frank helped start the online website through his dedication to the rescue and love of attending the many events. Frank has crossed over rainbow bridge and is playing in feilds of green with other loving Weims who have passed on.


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DC Weimaraner Snood Makers

Linda Pappas

"I have always loved to do all types of crafts, particularly sewing.  The one thing I didn't know how to do was knit,  so about 9 years ago I taught myself.  It was good timing as our first Weim,  our sweet girlie Reese was starring to slow down. Knitting gave us lots of snuggle time as she slept. ..on me.  


I have learned to knit the "Weim Way " with my arms over their sleeping heads.  I continue to knit that Way with Jessie, while attempting to keep the skein out of her mouth!


My connection to DCWR came about as I had lived in DC in the 1980s ,starting with grad school  and beyond. Additionally, our oldest daughter and her husband live in Maryland. Coming to Events gives us the opportunity to see them as well." - Linda

Snood Maker Extrodinare

Jenny Everhart

"My grandma taught me to crochet when I was about 6 or 7 years old.  


About 6 years ago, I decided I wanted to learn to knit so I started going to a local knit shop here in Tennessee called Yarntiques.  


I am addicted!  I learned about DC Weim Rescue when the Weim rescue I was a member of had to close its doors.  


Karin has taken in many Weims in our area, including Frank!" - Jenny

Snood Maker Extrodinare

Jen Coleslaw

Jen comes from New England and is currently doing time in the soulless suburbs of Northern Virginia with a rescued Weimaraner, 8 rescued cats, and a husband; the  jury is still out on whether he was rescued. ;)


Jen likes to knit, cook, garden, and sew during her free time. She currently works as an enviornmentalist and keeps bees! 


The DC Area Weimaraner Rescue is happy to have Jen as a dedicated snood maker and friend!

Snood Maker Extrodinare

Kaleigh Stachura

Kaleigh was taught to crochet at a very young age by her grandmother.  Her first Weim was her sister Reese and now Jessie!  


She and her husband live in Rockville,  MD.  


Kaleigh is a Speech Pathologist for a private school as well as private clients.


We are so thankful for Kaleigh's beautiful work and dedication to these amazing Weims!

Snood Maker Extrondinare

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DC Weimaraner Arists

Karen Foussekis

Karen Foussekis is a talented artist and dedicated member of the DC Area Weimaraner Community. Karen has kindly donated her talents to the rescue through these original works of art to help us provide medical care and rehoming of Weimaraners in need. 


Virginia Johnson

Virginia is a loving Weimaraner/human Mom and dedicated member of the DC Area Weimaraner Rescue. Virginia worked as a nurse for a number of years, but now spends her days with her loving husband and wonderful pack. She has made jewelry for a number of years and has worked with a variety of stones and beads throughout her jewelry making career. 

Virginia and her husband has always had a deep love for animals, but as we all know, there is always that one dog that managest to steal your heart. Virginia recently lost her precious Bleu Bleu (photo on the right) a few months ago but is dedicating some of her jewelry in sweet Blu's memory. Bleu Bleu had the most amazing old soul and was loved by all those around her. 

Virginia also has a separate line dedicated to Officer Brandy Norton, another amazing Weimaraner Mom in our community, for all the amazing work she does.

Jewelry Designer Extrondinare

Robert Dietrich

Robert (Bobby) has had a love of art since he was a young child. Robert's passion followed him throughout his college years as he worked as both a Substitute Art Teacher and Director of Therapeutic Art with special needs children. 

Robert majored in Art and Design from Towson University and still creates works of art to help bring in funds for the DC Area Weimaraner Rescue in honor of Frank, his late Weimaraner who he loves very much. 

Stained Glass Arist


We handcraft Jewelry out of a variety of materials.


(304) 745-7675

Jewelry By Jenn

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Business Donors

Cindi Orlandi

Do you love dogs? Has a Weimaraner stolen your heart? The young and the young-at-heart both will enjoy this fun and educational coloring book created by 3-year-old Trent, one of the Grey Ghosts helped by the volunteers devoted to Weimaraners like him. It's Trent's way of paying them back and paying it forward by helping his fellow Weims find fantastic foster and forever homes. With a little help from his ghostwriter mom and Weimaraner-loving illustrator friend, Trent offers a 48-page book with colored photos and plenty of photos you can color to show that Weims are more than 50 shades of grey. 

Color Book Author

Versatile Weim Whimsys

I create home goods that celebrate your favorite breed of dog! I specialize in etched slate and glass with silhouettes of various breeds and activities.

Creating gifts for dog lovers!

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DC Weimaraner Volunteers

Brandy & Kimberly Norton

I discovered DC Weim Rescue in 2009 when I saw a picture of an albino weimaraner on the Weimaraner Addict page. She was the prettiest thing I had ever laid eyes on and knew she was meant for me. I contacted Karin about this beauty (Lele) and the rest is history. Like many of the others I just try to do anything I can to help generate funds for this great rescue. If you know me at all you know I LOVE pictures and with my crazy, busy work schedule I have to have a calendar to keep up. We always buy a few for the new year so I thought why not make one for the rescue and generate a few bucks. This is how the DC Weim Calendar was born. We live to far away to go to the monthly meet and greets so this is our way of helping from afar. My mind is always spinning and trying to come up with new ideas so maybe we will have a few new things coming your way soon. Since 2009 we have adopted 3 weims from Karin and we have made friends that are closer than family. Some things are just meant to be and I know that we were meant to be part of this tribe!

Calendar Designer

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