Karen Foussekis is a talented artist and dedicated member of the DC Area Weimaraner Community. Karen has kindly donated her talents to the rescue through these orginal works of art to help us provide medical care and rehoming of Weimaraners in need. 

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Artist's Bio


Ever since Karen was a young child, shelter dogs were always a large part of her youth. Karen’s uncle/godfather was chief of police of small town, so he was always the first to learn about stray dogs that needed loving homes. There were so many times where various strays found their way into her family’s loving home.


“I only have had basic K -12 art training in parochial school. Maybe I could have benefitted from professional lessons, but who knows, that may be a new adventure that I endeavor on one day. I have experimented a variety of mediums that included: jewelry making, graphite drawing, watercolor, oils, acrylic, polymer clay, paper mosaic, paper Mache, colored pencil, and pastel.


Can you imagine my craft closet/ supply hoarding?


I’ve painted on rocks, ceramics, glass, leather, fabrics, canvas, wood. BUT ---I'm self-taught---I am a master of none! I love to restore rehab and repurpose –all creative endeavors and garden. Occasionally, I exhibit to juried art shows at the Purcell Gallery.


Got my first Weimaraner Rouge in 1995. I read the book Know Your Weimaraner and decided this breed was the family dog for us. My kids picked her name via looking through their XMEN superhero trading cards, and hence, that is how the name of Rouge came forth.


In 2000 another corporate relo landed us in Glen Allen, VA. I wandered around the internet saw some urgent medical/ financial needs started painting for WRNT. I did paper and canvas artwork and holiday ornaments for their event fundraising (xmas party and golf events) and EBay auctions, which I shipped all over the US and to Europe.


In early 2007 I went back to work nursing part time in an ambulatory surgery center after having a pleasant personal experience having an endoscopy.  After a career in exclusively in intensive care, it is a profound pleasure to be able to discharge a happy patient in approximately 90 minutes. I had the opportunity to assist in surgical procedures too besides routine screening endoscopy.


Lost my dear Rogue in 2009 at 14.5 years. Heartbroken and devastated, I visited both the VA Beach rescue and Karen’s rescue, The DC Area Weimaraner Rescue, in Manassas, VA. I was so lucky to adopt one of the Tennessee surrenders, which was the only male that was at the rescue and was then named Kent. I changed his name to Dexter shortly after. J


In 2015 we downsized to one house, settling at a expanded and renovated lakefront cabin. I quit the endoscopy/ surgery suite job (it was 80 minutes away) and hoped to develop and improve my painting skills while I assisted with the wonderful DC Area Weimaraner Rescue.


I have great hopes that Dexter will get back into swimming and try to mitigate the Canadian Geese off our shoreline....so far he's been far too Laissez-fair in different to the geese invasions but there is still hope!!” – Karen F.


Karen’s Timeline:

Career Wise ---> registered nurse 1978- 2015.

1982 moved to Maryland worked adult ICU

2000 moved to northern NJ next -was a stay at home mom